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Literary Lunch: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing: Which path should you take? with Heather Ames

  • 09/21/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting

We really enjoyed seeing everyone who turned out for the August Literary Lunch with Doug Copsey. September Literary Lunch will be via zoom again, because our presenter, author Heather Ames, is from Oregon.

Tuesday, September 21 from noon to 1 pm. 
Traditional vs Self-Publishing. Which path should you take?

Zoom Link:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89047850966

After several of her novels were traditionally published, Heather Ames got news no writer ever wants to hear from a publisher…like so many other small presses, they were in financial trouble. Instead of assigning an editor to the second book in her series, they were returning her rights, and they were no longer accepting any new submissions. The writing was literally on the wall. That company was on a downward spiral that could only end in their demise.

Fully aware that no other publisher would be willing to take the second book in a series while Book 1 was still under contract with another company, Heather decided her only option was to self-publish.

When the publisher finally closed its doors a year later, she got her rights back for not only Book 1, but also for a stand-alone romantic suspense. Taking a deep breath or thirty, she reissued both those books and published the third book in her series during a hectic 2019. She learned a lot during that time, including which parts of the process to tackle herself, and which ones had a better outcome if placed into the hands of others. She will share tips to surviving and thriving in today’s uncertain and ever-changing world of book publishing during her presentation.

Tapped by Fate, Book 1 in the Ghost Shop paranormal mystery/suspense series and set in her hometown of Salem, Oregon, launched in early August. Book 4 of the Swift/Roberts Miami-based mystery series, with a working title of Maine Issues, and Book 2 in the Ghost Shop series are scheduled to be released in 2022/2023. 

Heather is active in several writing groups, is a board member for the Portland chapter of Sisters in Crime, and can be found at her website, which contains hyperlinks to multiple social media platforms.


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