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Mystery Writers Academy: "Armor" by Karl Henwood

  • 01/23/2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Library at Hillcrest, 5246 W. Overland Rd. (Teton B room)

Registration is closed

This presentation of the Mystery Writers Academy will be of interest also to writers of science fiction, fantasy, and military history. However, it is not suitable for children, and some adults may find the terms used to be offensive. Audience discretion is advised.

Karl Henwood is a US Army Armor Officer in Idaho's own 116th Cavalry Brigade and an Iraq veteran. He has spent 13 years on various versions of the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and a variety of armored minivan-equivalents which are not, in fact, tanks. He holds a history degree from University of Portland and has always had an interest in military theory throughout the ages, something now informed by plenty of real world experience. He lives in Boise with his wife, four year old son, and two very strange dogs, and his first novel just crashed and burned on query. 

The presentation will cover:

  1. Why Giant Robots Are Silly: How basic physical constraints have shaped equipment and tactics, from the Spartan Phalanx to the A-10 Warthog, and how to apply them to your fantasy or Sci-Fi setting.
  2. Opening A Can: How to hurt armored things, from the Black Knight to the crew of a Star Destroyer, and how to make heroes/villains believably hard to kill.
  3. Playing Well With Others: How supporting systems, from wagons of grain to fleets of fuel trucks, are required to sustain combat and how to add depth to your story by including them. 
  4. Better Living Through Failure: Brief case studies that provide valuable lessons on on how not to wage armored warfare.
  5. Question and Answer: What-ifs, seemingly stupid questions, and writing specific inquires are not only permitted but encouraged since the entire purpose of the presentation is to bridge the gap between the practical and the fictional.


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