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Write Track, Finding the Right Editor

  • 12/08/2018
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Casa Blanca, 5506 W Overland Rd, Boise

Finding the Right Editor

With Stacey Smekofske 

With over a decade of experience you would never guess that Stacey wasn’t born with the love of reading and grammar. When she was a vivacious, and some would say obnoxious teenager, she became obsessed with reading and writing after reading The Count of Monte Cristo.  Stacey graduated magna cum laude with a degree in communications and English with an emphasis on business entrepreneurship, and she has been an educator for more than 16 years. Stacey’s literary experience includes editing and formatting several fiction novels, including a current novel that is being adapted and pitched in Hollywood. Stacey also has extensive experience editing collegiate works, and is currently mentoring some brilliant up and coming young writers.  She is a member of the Idaho Writers Guild and the Idaho Writers and Editors Association.  She has a natural talent for content, pacing, and character development and has developed a passion for grammar, writing, and especially reading. 

Stacey is a huge fan of all creative individuals, and although she hopes to one day write her own nonfiction novel, she chooses to work with various artistic minds and help them develop their stories. Her greatest achievement and joy comes from helping a writer become a published author.


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