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Writers' Corner

  • Workshops are for beginner to intermediate writers.
  • They are FREE and open to the public.
  • Each workshop is approximately one hour.
  • Workshops are held virtually until further notice

Writers' Corner 2021 Schedule

See the calendar below for Writers' Corner presentations. You can also download a PDF schedule though June here.

Upcoming events

Past events

04/07/2022 Writer's Corner: Love Your Editor, with Stacey Smekofske
03/26/2022 Writer's Corner: Watching Movies To Be A Better Writer, with Bryan Young
02/10/2022 Writer's Corner: Book Brush tools
01/12/2022 Writer's Corner: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, with Elizabeth Kracht
11/11/2021 Writers' Corner: Problematic POVs, with Mark Krepps
10/26/2021 Writer's Corner, with Michaelbrent Collings: You Can't Write Well Without Writing Horror
09/16/2021 Writers Corner: World Building Basics, with Mark Krepps
08/16/2021 Writer's Corner: How Critique Groups Help Writers, with Connie Weidel
07/22/2021 Writer's Corner: The Do's and Don't of Character Development, with Mark Krepps
06/24/2021 Writers' Corner: Hatching a Captivating Narrative, with Stacey Smekofske
06/08/2021 Writers' Corner: How to Avoid the Top 5 Novel-Writing Mistakes, with Cristen Iris
05/15/2021 Writers' Corner: Your Novel From Started to Done, with Cheryl Flinn
05/05/2021 Writers' Corner: Feng Shui Your Writing Space, with Sherry Briscoe
04/10/2021 Writers Corner--Covering & Re-Covering Your Indie Book, with Kate Baray
04/08/2021 Writers' Corner: Plotting for Discovery Writers, with Troy Lambert
04/07/2021 Writers' Corner: Top 10 Habits of Successful Writers, with Amanda Turner
03/11/2021 Writers' Corner: Steps to Plotting Your Novel Quickly, with Troy Lambert
02/18/2021 Writers' Corner: The Quick and Dirty Launch of a Pen Name, with Kate Baray
02/09/2021 Writers' Corner: Make Your Story Epic! with Stacey Smekofske
01/27/2021 Writers' Corner: Writing and Book Awards, with Cristen Iris
01/05/2021 Writers' Corner: Writing and Marketing a Series, with Sherry Briscoe
11/19/2020 Writers' Corner--Writing Prompts to Stir Up Imagination, with Patricia Marcantonio
10/15/2020 Writers' Corner--Your Novel From Started to Done
09/26/2020 Writers' Corner--Writing the Cozy Mystery, with Sherry Briscoe
09/17/2020 Writers' Corner--Bestseller in Progress, with Stacey Smekofske

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