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Writers' Corner

  • Workshops are for beginner to intermediate writers.
  • They are FREE and open to the public.
  • Each workshop is approximately one hour.
  • Workshops are held at libraries around the Treasure Valley.

Writers' Corner 2020 Schedule

NOTE: All Writers' Corner classes are help virtually until further notice. Check the events calendar below or on the Home Page for more details.

Upcoming events

    • 12/12/2020
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (MST)
    • Zoom meeting

    Perhaps you've finished NaNo. Or maybe you're sitting on a completed manuscript that predates this year's NaNo. What now?

    Panelists Heather Lee Dwyer, J.C. Jackson, and Renee Settle have all started, finished, and won NaNo. They're also all published authors. Come listen to what they have to say on the subject!


    ***Heather Lee Dwyer***

    ***J.C. Jackson***
    J.C. Jackson is the author of the Terra Chronicles series. Writer of fantasy and science fiction, wife, mother, gamer, and a bunch of other stuff, but if she told you everything, where would the fun be?

    ***Renee Settle***
    Renee is the National Chapter Director for the Nonfiction Authors Association (NFAA). She is a publishing consultant, ghostwriter, and speaker.
    She works with clients from all over the world whose mission is to heal humanity and our planet. She’s spoken to thousands of people about authenticity and writing your story. She runs the 12 Minutes A Day workshop and has helped many authors, abuse survivors, and military veterans write and publish their story. Her mission is to show people that their stories will change the world. Many of her clients already have.
    She champions the business of being an author through the Nonfiction Authors Association.
    Her motto is: "Your story matters. Together our stories will change the world.”

    RSVPs on Facebook greatly appreciated: https://www.facebook.com/events/126266252422080/

    But if you're not on Facebook, we'd still love to have you! Here's the direct link:
    • 01/05/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (MST)
    • Zoom meeting

    Writing and Marketing a Series, with Sherry Briscoe

    A deep look at types of series, how to put them together, and best marketing practices.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 6:30-7:30 PM

    Zoom meeting. Details on how to attend will be posted soon.

Past events

11/19/2020 Writers' Corner--Writing Prompts to Stir Up Imagination, with Patricia Marcantonio
11/14/2020 Write Track. Top Five Tips for Meeting Writing Goals: Staying Motivated!
10/22/2020 Mystery Writers Academy: Carolina Ramos, Ada County Coroners Office. The difference between TV forensics and Real Life
10/15/2020 Writers' Corner--Your Novel From Started to Done
10/03/2020 Write Track: Tools for Fiction Writers, with Kate Baray and MG Herron
09/26/2020 Writers' Corner--Writing the Cozy Mystery, with Sherry Briscoe
09/24/2020 Mystery Writers Academy: Danny Smith, mystery writer, Los Angeles Sheriff's Homicide (retired)
09/19/2020 Write Track Extra! Planning a Series with Bella Falls
09/17/2020 Writers' Corner--Bestseller in Progress, with Stacey Smekofske
09/12/2020 Write Track: Painless NaNo Planning for Plotters and Pantsters, with Troy Lambert
08/08/2020 Write Track: Hiring: Coach or Developmental Editor? with Dana Long
07/16/2020 Writers' Corner--Meeting Genre Requirements & Exceeding Reader Expectations, with Stacey Smekofske
07/11/2020 TENTATIVE: Writers' Corner--Infuse Tension into Your Writing
07/11/2020 Write Track: Worldbuilding in Fantasy, with Lani Forbes
06/25/2020 CANCELED: Mystery Writers Academy: Anthony Geddes, Ada County Public Defenders Office
06/20/2020 Writers' Corner: Newsletters for Newbies!
06/18/2020 Writer's Corner: Self-editing--make your manuscript shine
06/13/2020 Write Track: Creating Annual Marketing Plans for Independent Publishing
05/23/2020 CANCELED: Writers' Corner--How to Write Your Story
05/21/2020 CANCELED: Writers' Corner--Poetry Comics
04/23/2020 Canceled: Mystery Writers Academy: Alan Perry, Idaho State Fire Marshal's office
04/14/2020 Virtual Lunch with Lani Forbes
03/26/2020 Canceled: Mystery Writers Academy: Lt. Bret Kimmel, Idaho Dept. of Corrections
03/14/2020 Writer Track: Annual Marketing Plans for Independent Publishing
02/27/2020 Mystery Writers Academy: Dr. Kathryn Turner, Deputy State Epidemiologist, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare
02/22/2020 Writers' Corner--Intro to Self-Publishing
02/20/2020 Writers' Corner--Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You
02/18/2020 Literary Lunch with Mitch Wieland
02/08/2020 Write Track--Character Development
01/23/2020 Mystery Writers Academy: "Armor" by Karl Henwood
01/21/2020 Literary Lunch with Elaine Ambrose
01/16/2020 Writers's Corner--NaNo, Now What?
01/11/2020 Write Track--Social Media for Digital Hermits
12/19/2019 Writers' Corner, 4 Author Panel
11/21/2019 Writers' Corner, Write on the Road
11/09/2019 Write Track--Writing as a Business
11/02/2019 Writers' Corner, Making Money Writing for Magazines
10/24/2019 Mystery Writers Academy: David Frazier, crime reporter
10/19/2019 Writers' Corner, Traditional Publishing 101
10/17/2019 Writers' Block, Is Blogging Dead?
10/15/2019 Screenwriter to Novelist:What I learned Along the Way
10/12/2019 Write Track--"Save the Cat"
10/05/2019 Writers' Corner, Don’t Fear the Paper
09/26/2019 Mystery Writers Academy: Tim Brady, Boise Police Department
09/21/2019 Writers' Corner, Romancing the Plot
09/19/2019 Writers' Corner, Branding for Authors
08/15/2019 Writers' Corner, Fantasy and Poetry
08/01/2019 Writers' Corner, Creating an Artist’s Statement & Writer’s Resume
07/20/2019 Writers' Corner, Researching the Novel
07/18/2019 Writers' Corner, The Editing Process
07/16/2019 Literary Lunch
07/13/2019 Write Track--Is indie publishing right for you?
06/20/2019 Writers' Corner, Journaling
06/15/2019 Writers' Corner, Publish it Yourself
06/08/2019 Write Track, The Reader as Participant
06/01/2019 Writers' Corner, From Started to a Finished Novel
05/25/2019 Writers' Corner, Branding for Authors
05/23/2019 Mystery Writers Academy: Chuck Ambrose-Clinical vs. Forensic Psychology
05/21/2019 Literary Lunch, Kim Cross presenting
05/18/2019 Writers' Corner, Critiquing for Authors
05/16/2019 Writers' Corner, Creating a Successful Book Launch
05/11/2019 Write Track, Using your hobby as a springboard
05/04/2019 Writers' Corner, Imagery & Poetry
04/25/2019 No April meeting of the Mystery Writers Academy
04/18/2019 Writers' Corner, Write, Illustrate, & Publish a Children's Book
04/13/2019 Writers' Corner, Outlining Your Story
03/30/2019 Writers' Corner, MMA for Authors
03/28/2019 Mystery Writers Academy: Gunshot Wounds & Stabbings, Dr. Glen Groben, forensic pathologist
03/21/2019 Writers' Corner, Author Critiques
03/19/2019 Literary Lunch, with Bruce Reichert
03/11/2019 Writers' Corner, How to Write Place
03/09/2019 Write Track, Tips, Tricks, and Tools
03/02/2019 Writers' Corner, Travel Writing
02/28/2019 Writers' Corner, Memoirs
02/28/2019 Mystery Writers Academy: Idaho State Police Crime Lab tour
02/23/2019 Local Author Panel
02/21/2019 Writers' Corner, Read Like a Writer
02/19/2019 February Literary Lunch
02/16/2019 Writers' Corner, 12-Step Writing Process
02/09/2019 Write Track, Creative Nonfiction
02/07/2019 Writers' Corner, Publish it Yourself
01/24/2019 REOPENED! Mystery Writers Academy: Det. Victoria Gooch, Idaho State Police
01/15/2019 January Literary Lunch
01/12/2019 Write Track, Why Blog?
12/20/2018 Author Panel
12/18/2018 No Literary Lunch This Month
12/08/2018 Write Track, Finding the Right Editor
11/20/2018 No Literary Lunch This Month
11/15/2018 Mystery Writers Academy: Clark Harshbarger, FBI Cyber Crimes
11/10/2018 Write Track, Bite Me!
11/10/2018 IWG Rakes Up Boise!
10/27/2018 Putting the Thrill in Thriller
10/27/2018 Fall Master Class
10/18/2018 Writer's Corner, Historical Fiction
10/16/2018 October Literary Lunch, A Writer's Guide to Grantsmanship
10/13/2018 Write Track, Marketing 101
09/20/2018 Writer's Corner, Romancing the Plot
09/20/2018 Mystery Writers Academy Introduction and Overview
09/18/2018 September Literary Lunch
09/13/2018 IWG Book Club, A Gentleman in Moscow
05/04/2018 Idaho Writers Conference
04/17/2018 Literary Lunch - April 2018
04/14/2018 Write Track - April 2018
02/20/2018 Literary Lunch

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