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Write Track

Write Track is an informal discussion about writing topics held the second Saturday of each month. There is no charge for attending, though you'll probably want order lunch. We have a discussion lead who will kick things off by introducing the topic and telling a bit about their experience with it. Then it's time for you to ask questions, or share what you've learned about the topic. We have some fun with it and learn a lot.


Marketing 101

David Rozansky, publisher with Flying Pie Press has years of experience in promoting books. He's new to Idaho and can't wait to share what he knows and hear about your marketing needs.

Saturday, October 13
Casa Blanca Cuban Grill
5506 W Overland Rd
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Bite me! Writing Genre Characters with a Twist

The not-so-alpha pack leader, the vampire who doesn't drink blood, and the paranormal investigator with no magic. What do these characters have in common? They're all genre fiction characters (of Cate's!) that have been trope-twisted. Why twist genre tropes? When does it work, and how can it create problems? Come to the November Write-Track discussion to chat about these questions and more with Cate Lawley. Cate is the indie author of Vegan Vamp Mysteries and the Lost Library series (as Kate Baray), as well as several other fantasy sub-genre series. 

 Cate Lawley and Duke.

Saturday, November 10
Casa Blanca Cuban Grill
5506 W Overland Rd
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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