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Write Track

Write Track is an informal discussion about writing topics held the second Saturday of each month. There is no charge for attending, though you'll probably want order lunch. We have a discussion lead who will kick things off by introducing the topic and telling a bit about their experience with it. Then it's time for you to ask questions, or share what you've learned about the topic. We have some fun with it and learn a lot.

Tool Time

Be ready to share your favorite tips, tricks and tools from websites, books, apps, conferences and more. Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, who has written for dozens of magazines, will conduct the lively discussion this month.

Pamela Thompson is a popular speaker at colleges, film festivals and entertainment industry conferences around the world including Montreal; Singapore, Stuttgart, and from California to Florida.  She has presented courses at conferences in San Diego, Boston, and Los Angeles; was a noontime lecturer at Disney Feature Animation; and taught the Career Realities course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.  She was the commencement speaker at Art Institute of Tampa.

Thompson is an internationally-acclaimed recruiter, career coach and animation veteran. She worked on the Emmy-Award winning  The Simpsons, Bebe’s Kids, and  Family Dog, an episode of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories. She was named one of the Top Ten Recruiters by Animation Magazine.  She has been a recruiter in the media industry since 1995 and has worked with clients around the world such as Technicolor in Beijing, Framestore in London, Lucas Animation in Singapore and most recently, Studio Climb in Malaysia.

Thousands of readers around the world follow her column, The Career Coach, at the Animation World Network web site.  She has written articles for over 110 other publications, including Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Times, Art Business News, Costco Connection,U.S. Art, Computer Graphics, Idaho Arts Quarterly, Animation Today, Animation Magazine, Eagle Magazine and Idaho Women’s Journal.

As a career coach, she has worked with creative people such as writers, actors, designers and software programmers. She loves helping people to pursue their passions. You can reach her at 

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Saturday, March 9

11:30 to 1

Casa Blanca, 5506 W Overland Rd, Boise

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