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A Message from Patricia Marcantonio:

Dear Mystery Academy Writers,

I hope you all have been using this time to write your mysteries. As you know, we haven’t been able to hold our presentations because of COVID-19 precautions.  While this may not make up for those, I do want to keep our conversation going with a review of a great book I have discovered.

FORENSIC SPEAK How to Write Realistic Crime Dramas was written by Jennifer Dornbush. I heard Jennifer speak at a conference and she is great. The daughter of a medical examiner, she completed more than 360 hours of CSI training at a forensic science academy. She is a screenwriter and the author of THE CORONER and the new SECRET REMAINS. She is a busy forensic consultant to TV writers on shows including Deception, Hawaii Five-O, Prison Break and Rectify, among many others.

FORENSIC SPEAK is a fantastic writer’s tool that covers, well, coroner’s tools. Jennifer writes about the major fields of study in forensic science, including toxicology, fingerprints, DNA, blood spatters, and firearms, as well as the workings of a coroner’s office, evidence collection and what happens during a trial. She also provides pages and pages of resources.

This is no dry text book on forensic science.

Instead, expect a vibrant comprehensive book with cool examples from film and TV.  She makes difficult subjects very understandable. With each topic, she also adds a “How can I use it?” section that encourages writers to use what they have learned, as well as exercises.

Your understanding of forensics will benefit, as will your writing. No doubt you will want to keep this book on your desk. This book is fantastic for both beginning and veteran writers.

You can find her book at Amazon.com. I encourage you to sign up for Jennifer’s newsletter which is always filled with lots of information. She also hosts a YouTube channel on forensics and crime writing. Check out her website at www.jenniferdornbush.com.

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