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IWG Critique GroupS

Are you a writer who wants support and encouragement?  A critique group is a great way to take your writing to the next level.

3 of our critique group members placed in the 2021 IWG Writing Contest. Here's a few words from one of them:

Amelia Eileen Wilde began writing in 2020 as a hobby. Though her passion was teaching history and music, she took a break from her career in 2019 to have children. Her sons kept her hands busy, but her mind yearned for continued development, learning, and a creative outlet. 

Writing became her solace, spilling story ideas onto pages after her children had gone to bed, and listening to writing podcasts while she went about her daily chores. Her Bachelors in History gave her experience in writing research papers, but when it came to the art of creative writing, she was a novice. 

Recognizing a need for a mentor, she searched for a critique group, eventually finding one led by Connie Weidel through the “Idaho Writer’s Guild.” These passionate writers were an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, giving Amelia honest and constructive feedback on her work. 

After reworking the beginning of a novel with her critique group several times, Amelia submitted her first 10 pages to the 2021 IWG writing contest and tied for first place in her category. This serves as a testament that critique groups work, because without the aid of her own critique group, Amelia’s submission would have been full of endless dialogue tags, telling instead of showing, and extreme use of passive voice.

Amelia gratefully acknowledges the difference that her critique group has made in her writing, and hopes to continue improving in the craft.

Our one critique group is full at this time. Please read the guidelines for this group here and if interested, contact Connie Weidel at (970) 481-9850 or connieweidelscreenwriter@gmail.com to be added to our wait list.

If you would like to start your own critique group, IWG will promote the group and guide you on how to create, manage, and contribute to a successful critique group.  IWG members can see guidelines for leading a critique group by clicking here. Contact Connie Weidel at (970) 481-9850 or connieweidelscreenwriter@gmail.com to enlist our help in starting a new group.

You must be an IWG member to belong to or lead one of our critique groups.

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